Compare pureBAKLAVA with ordinary baklava and the differences are easy to see… and taste.

Nuts are everywhere, not jammed in a single layer. 
To save time, many bakers use this shortcut. They layer filo on top of filo, then place all of the nuts in a single layer or two in the middle. It’s faster and saves time, but filo-on-filo ends up tasting like a glob of dough.  This shortcut also reduces the volume of nuts used, saving expense and forfeiting flavor  Our artisan approach doesn’t use any shortcuts that sacrifice flavor or freshness to save time or expense.  Our technique puts nuts everywhere. "So What" you ask?  The exacting truth is that the nuts keep filo layers separated from one another so the BAKLAVA bakes more evenly. Plus, the separation creates nooks and crannies that soak up our scratch-made syrup. You’ll taste the difference.  

It was just baked.
Something that’s freshly baked is bursting with flavors that often flatten over time. Freshness is our top priority, so we’ll only ship baklava to you that's freshly baked.  It is the reason for our availability calendar.  It's as close to how you would do it yourself.    

The walnut pieces are larger than normal, without nut powder.  
If you examine the walnuts in ordinary BAKLAVA closely, you’ll see that most use a technique to chop or grind nuts that creates tiny nut particles and super-fine walnut meal. The nut size matters because when the nuts are a bit larger, they add an unmistakable crunch to every bite. We know it sounds nuts, but uniform nut pieces are one of the secrets to pure BAKLAVA flavor.   

The ingredients are all natural and fresh.
You can taste the difference of fresh, pure ingredients in every bite. We start with the same plentiful real, natural ingredients you would use at home, and don’t add anything else. Fresh walnuts shipped directly from the California grower; fresh filo dough from the source, not frozen; pure granulated cane sugar; creamery pure butter; aromatic Saigon cinnamon and a splash of our secret ingredients. That’s it. No preservatives. Nothing else. Learn more > >

pureBaklava Closeup Photo Showing Layering

When BAKLAVA is packed with plentiful ingredients, it stacks up tall to nearly 2 inches. Layer upon layer of nuts and buttery filo, oozing with our house-made syrup that accentuates the pure ingredients and satisfies your craving.  Mmm.

We only do ONE thing
pureBAKLAVA is the only thing we do, so it has our full and steadfast attention. Sourcing fresh ingredients, making one small batch at a time, and within a few days sending it directly to you. Doing one thing keeps us focused and clear-minded. We’re not distracted by anything.  

We want your ideas and feedback.
During our pre-release and beyond, your input will shape the future of our business. We want your honest feedback and ideas, and that’s what will guide us. We want to delight and surprise you along the way. 

Pure happiness guarantee. 
If you don’t love it, then we’re not happy either. Reach out and we will give you a full refund.