About Us


In the world of pastries and baked confections, any foodie can effortlessly find scrumptious, handcrafted versions of just about everything, either online or around the corner. Cookies. Brownies. Cakes. Pies. Muffins. Donuts. More.   BAKLAVA is one head-scratching exception.

Introducing... pureBAKLAVA.    

From our boutique bakery in Ohio we welcome you to the “best BAKLAVA ever,” that’s how some of our fans describe it. Read more about our background and our journey under Origin.

Our Mission

Be the treasured destination for premium BAKLAVA with consistent flavor, texture and taste. Moist. Buttery sweet. Fresh. Authentic. We don’t skimp on anything so it tastes that way.

Our Approach

Our game plan is pure and simple, with no gimmicks.  Do everything by hand, unhurried, in small batches.  Only use the freshest, pure ingredients that are bursting with flavor. Ship it directly to you, freshly baked, elegantly packaged, and wrapped to preserve that just-out-of-the-oven flavor. Make BAKLAVA that is beyond compare. 

Our Purpose

Support faith organizations that help people in need.  

Our family has been generously blessed for which we are deeply thankful.  While our goal is to share exceptional BAKLAVA with people like you who crave the best, our purpose is to give back. pureBAKLAVA will support organizations that share our faith and values: The Greek Orthodox Church and The Salvation Army.  Thanks to our customer’s generous support during Christmas 2021 pureBAKLAVA was able to donate $1082 to these organizations.

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If you’ve ever baked BAKLAVA at home, you know that creating this scrumptious sweet pastry is tedious, time consuming, and involved.  You do it because you love the fresh, homemade flavor and you know exactly what’s in it.  

If you occasionally buy BAKLAVA in a store or online, you know the quality can be hit or miss. People tell us that most BAKLAVA is dry and lacks a syrupy, gooey texture, it’s not buttery enough, and doesn’t have a fresh, flavorful taste.  pureBAKLAVA is changing all that -- it’s scrumptiously delicious, homemade taste without the hassle.

Our Beginning.  

Our family has been tinkering with BAKLAVA for the past 20 years in-between careers and raising our family.  

Yiayia (Grandmother) Old Photograph with LuggageThe origin of our recipe is from our Yiayia (Greek grandmother) who brought it with her when she immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island in the 1920’s. Yiayia kept her recipes in her head, and without precise measurements.  They were her secrets. Our mother Nikki patiently captured Yiayia’s recipe, adding exact measurements, then she passed it on to us. This recipe is authentically from “the old county,” as Yiayia would refer to her hometown in Greece. 

We’ve given BAKLAVA as gifts to family, friends and work associates and they’ve encouraged us to make it available to people who crave the best.  One very proud moment was when our BAKLAVA was featured in Cheryl’s Cookie’s national holiday catalogue a few years back under our former name, The Greek Lady’s Kitchen. One of their associates received it as a gift and called us to set the wheels in motion. They are very picky, so we were humbled and surprised, and working with Cheryl’s validated what our friends told us about the quality and flavor of pureBAKLAVA.  

Pure for You.  

Now, this handcrafted artisan BAKLAVA is available in small batches for you to enjoy. We are a specialty baker, and the quality and taste of pureBAKLAVA means everything to us.  So much so that it’s the reason we put the word “pure” in our name: to constantly remind us of our promise to you.  Go slowly, and along the way take extra time to enunciate true Greek BAKLAVA texture and flavor.  Find the freshest ingredients and ship them directly to our kitchen from the source. Bake it unrushed in small batches.  Package it carefully with love and patience, so that when you take that first bite you, too, will agree that pureBAKLAVA is the best BAKLAVA ever. 

Here's what you said.

Our launch goal was to collect candid feedback from real people who were not friends or family – foodies like you who purchased the product and would be brutally honest. For Christmas 2021 we filled 283 orders, shipped to 21 states and received 41 ratings.

pureBAKLAVA customer map

We shipped 283 Christmas orders to 21 states. We’ll keep updating new states and look forward finding fans in all 50 states this year.

The feedback from real customers scored freshness, taste, sweetness and gooeyness 4.8 and higher on a scale of 5.

Flavor Rating Scale

Your rating of overall value was 4.64 out of 5, the lowest score. So we are evaluating options for a non-gift box package to give you more baklava for the same price, sans the fancy gift box. Stay tuned for the addition of that product soon.